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Capten Jack

Capten Jack Column #col2

Captain Jack ist eine deutsche Eurodance-Band und ein eingetragenes Markenzeichen des Wiesbadener Produzenten Udo Niebergall. Das Projekt ist vor allem in Europa erfolgreich und besonders in Japan, weshalb viele Songs und CDs auch nur dort. Captain Jack ist eine deutsche Eurodance-Band und ein eingetragenes Markenzeichen des Wiesbadener Produzenten Udo Niebergall. Das Projekt ist vor. Captain Jack bezeichnet. Captain Jack (Band), eine deutsche Dance-Band; Captain Jack Harkness, ein Companion des 9. und Doktors in Doctor Who und. Bruce Lacy & Michelle Stanley sind die explosive Besetzung von Captain Jack. Sie erobern die internationalen Charts, Festivals und Clubs mit ihrem Album 90s​. Captain Jack ist auch nicht der, der er mal war. Wusstet ihr, dass das Duo "​Captain Jack" insgesamt neun mal die Besetzung gewechselt hat?

Capten Jack

Captain Jack ist einer der bekanntesten Popacts der 90er und wurde von dem Wiesbadener Musikproduzenten Udo Niebergall ins Leben gerufen. Die rote. Die ers läuten mit “Akk & Feel It” den Frühling ein und haben legendäre Feature-Gäste mit im Gepäck. Niemand Geringeres als Captain Jack veredeln den. Der als Captain Jack Mitte der 90er-Jahre bekannt gewordene Sänger Franky Gee ist am Oktober im Alter von 43 Jahren an den Folgen einer Hirnblutung. CH 12 8 Wo. DE 61 2 Wo. Captain Jack heute: Neue Besetzung, neues Glück. Mehr als 20 Jahre sind vergangen und noch immer Linux Best der Musiker gemeinsam mit Superstars wie Dr. Doch nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern auch in zahlreichen anderen europäischen Online Pokerschule Kostenlos wie Schweden, Österreich oder Polen und sogar in Japan schlägt das Projekt ein. Doch nicht nur personell, sondern auch Ergebnisse Europameisterschaft hat sich die Band verändert. DE 1 Wo. AT 33 6 Wo. Fun Factory. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.

Capten Jack Video

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Although he went to a prestigious New England school where he studied forestry and landscape architecture, Captain Jack built a career on intuition and the keen acumen he developed while cultivating cannabis clandestinely.

His passion deepened when friends of his returned from a rare trip to the Middle East with a small surfboard shaped piece of hashish from Afghanistan.

Jack found something special in that hash and it struck him on a visceral level. Hash-making had been a 4, year old tradition in Afghanistan.

It imbued a sense of craft, pedigree and terroir that, for Captain Jack, set him on the trajectory of a lifetime.

By the close of the second summer, Jack had gained the respect of the elders and they honored him with a handkerchief full of special seeds, knowing he was spiritually connected to this precious varietal.

Captain Jack quickly set out to grow his own Gulzar Afghanica. After serving in the United States Army , Gutierrez had remained in Germany, where he was last stationed, and had begun a recording career under the name "Westside".

While recording music under that name, he proposed the idea of a dance track based on a drill routine. That idea became the Captain Jack style.

Gutierrez also introduced the Captain Jack costume, a stylized military officer's uniform based on a US Army officer's dress uniform, with a red hat based on that of the US Marines.

Soon after, Franky suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while walking with his son in Spain on October 17, Doctors predicted that the damage was fatal, and Franky Gee died at the age of 43 on Saturday October 22, , after spending five days in a coma.

This forced the producers to pause the project Captain Jack. The new lineup's first single, "Turkish Bazar", released on 18 September , was of the dance-pop and hip hop genres, dropping the original lineup's eurodance roots.

In the end of Laura left the band to focus in her solo career. Michelle Stanley replaced her, and is touring with Bruce Lacy.

Captain Jack's music was stylized as a form of military training mixed with Europop and dance pop music. They were musically influenced by the eurodance genre that was popular in Europe, Oceania, and South America in the s.

The style of eurodance was dance music with a female singer and a male rapper to follow a traditional verse-chorus structure. Although they also made slower tracks such as "Back Home", "7 Days" and "I Feel" that strayed from the europop genre.

There are also some Ace of Base influenced reggae pop songs like "Soldier, Soldier" on their early albums. During the early s Captain Jack changed their musical style from eurodance pop to summer vibe tunes, following the styles of the previous single releases "Soldier, Soldier" and "Holiday".

The fourth series, Miracle Day , an American co-production, [35] sees Jack return to Earth to investigate a phenomenon where humans can no longer die; Jack discovers that he has become mortal.

Rex survives, and with the morphic field restored, Jack resurrects. At Esther's funeral however, they discover that Rex has acquired self-healing abilities just like Jack's.

After a ten-year absence from the show, Jack returned in the twelfth series of Doctor Who in the episode " Fugitive of the Judoon " , where he attempts to contact the Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

Learning of their identity and the Doctor's recent regeneration into a woman, he returns them to Earth, passing them a warning to give to the Doctor about the "lone Cyberman ", before he teleports away after the ship's onboard nanogenes attack him.

In The Stealers of Dreams , Jack refers to the Face of Boe as a famous figure in his home era; the producers of the series had not conceptualized the possibility of a Jack and Boe connection until mid-way into the production of the series.

The novels Trace Memory , [50] The Twilight Streets , [51] and Something in the Water published March , [52] are set during the concurrently airing second series of Torchwood.

The Twilight Streets suggests Jack was a freelance Torchwood agent in the s, who disagreed with their methods but was persuaded by the love of an ex-boyfriend, Greg.

The novel also explained that during the events of the Doctor Who episode " Boom Town " which was set in Cardiff , [3] Jack placed a lockdown on Torchwood activity so as not to create a paradox involving his past self.

The House that Jack Built focuses partly on Jack's life in First published in January , the monthly Torchwood Magazine began occasionally including Torchwood comic strips , in which Jack also appears.

One such comic, written in by John Barrowman and sister Carole E. I wanted to give fans something original about Jack.

The first Torchwood comic "Jetsam" was later collected along with Rift War! The Torchwood Archives , published after the second series in , is a companion book written by Gary Russell which gives an "insider's look" into the life of Jack and the Torchwood team.

The book collects and re-publishes ancillary material which appeared on the Torchwood website in the first two seasons, and provides new material such as rough dates for things like Jack's marriage as relayed by the book's fictional narrator.

The book is composed of fictitious archive notes, personnel forms, photographs, newspaper clippings and staff memos, and offers revelations about the character which would later be confirmed by the television series.

The character is also mentioned Dave Stone 's Judge Dredd novel Psykogeddon , where a Mega-City News announcer relays a disclaimer from pornographer Jason Kane — a character Stone created for the Doctor Who novel Death and Diplomacy — stating that any similarity between Kane and "the notorious Cursed Earth brigand 'Captain' Jack Harkness is a purely unfortunate coincidence".

During the first series of Torchwood , the Torchwood website, located at torchwood. Written by James Goss , the first series' website sheds some light on Jack's backstory in the years he worked for Torchwood.

Because Captain Jack narrates, "the story unfolds in the tradition of contemporary historical documentary, the docudrama "; in the Monster File for " The Fires of Pompeii ", Harkness' commentary moves the 'reality' of the episode away from the explosion of Vesuvius and the human experience, and to the story itself.

Jack also appears in the web-based motion comic series Torchwood: Web of Lies , which ties into Miracle Day. The story depicts a series two-set adventure where Jack is kidnapped by unknown assailants and pursued by Gwen.

Investigations by a woman named Holly voice of Eliza Dushku establish that Jack was kidnapped by the Three Families so they could acquire entire vats of his blood, which she destroys.

Set after the events of the series, Jack and his team make their first international adventure to CERN in Geneva, as part of Radio 4's special celebration of the Large Hadron Collider being switched on.

Jack and Ianto say a final goodbye and tell each other they love one another for the first time. Jack attempts to return to the land of the living alongside Ianto, but Ianto stays behind to close the Cardiff spacetime rift forever with Jack's device.

These cover the year he spent on a devastated Earth, following "The Parting of the Ways"; his romantic encounter with Alonso Frame, following "The End of Time"; an adventure he shared with Jackie Tyler Camille Coduri , during the time he waited on Earth for the Doctor to return; and a story from his days as a Time Agent and before he took the name Jack.

In naming the character, executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies drew inspiration from the Marvel Comics character Agatha Harkness , [92] a character whose surname Davies had previously used in naming lead characters in Century Falls and The Grand.

Davies states that reusing names such as Tyler, Smith, Harper, Harkness and Jones allows him to get a grip of the character on the blank page.

Actor John Barrowman himself was a key factor in the conception of Captain Jack. Barrowman says that at the time of his initial casting, Davies and co-executive producer, Julie Gardner had explained to him that they "basically wrote the character around [John]".

On meeting him, Barrowman tried out the character using his native Scottish accent, his normal American accent, and an English accent; Davies decided it "made it bigger if it was an American accent".

A number of television critics have compared Barrowman's performances as Captain Jack to those of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

The character's introduction served to posit him as a secondary hero and a rival to the series protagonist, the Doctor, [] simultaneously paralleling the Doctor's detached alien nature with Jack's humanity and "heart".

Polina Skibinskaya, writing for AfterElton. John Barrowman linked the larger number of women watching the show as a key factor in this.

Jack is bisexual , and is the first televised Doctor Who character to be openly anything other than heterosexual. In Jack's first appearance, the Doctor suggests that Jack's orientation is more common in the 51st century, when humankind will deal with multiple alien species and becomes more sexually flexible.

While in his first several Doctor Who appearances, Jack did not have a set costume, Torchwood established a continual look for Jack which recalled that of his first Doctor Who appearance.

The design has been described as "an iconic piece of sci-fi culture". Coats are cool, just like fezzes and bow ties and Stetsons. The only difference is that Captain Jack doesn't ever tell you his coat is cool.

It just is. She credits the greatcoat with helping to fashion the character's masculinity, and argues that Jack's costume creates its own discourse "through which costume drama and Post Heritage cinema 's escapism flows".

During Jack's initial appearances in Doctor Who , Russell T Davies held a "half-hearted" theory that Jack would dress specific to the time period he was in, to contrast the Doctor who dresses the same wherever and whenever he goes.

He is introduced wearing a greatcoat in World War II-set episodes, but changes to modern day jeans in contemporary episode "Boom Town" and black leather in futuristic episodes.

Davies admits that this was a "bit of a lame idea" and decided that Jack "never looked better than when he was in his World War II outfit".

Costume designer Ray Holman commented in a Torchwood Magazine interview that "We always wanted to keep the World War Two hero look for him, so all his outfits have a s flavour.

Jack's other costumes are "loosely wartime based", such as the trousers are "getting more and more styled to suit his figure". Holman explains that there are actually five Captain Jack coats used on the show.

The "hero version" is used for most scenes, while there is also a wetcoat made with pre-shrunk fabric, running coat which is slightly shorter to prevent heels getting caught, and two "stunt coats" that had been "hero coats" in the first series.

Julie Gardner describes the coat as "epic and classic and dramatic", while director Brian Kelly believes it gives Jack "a sweep and a presence".

For Miracle Day , Davies commissioned new costume designer Shawna Trpcic previously costume designer for Angel , Firefly and Dollhouse to create a new greatcoat design.

This was partially motivated by Los Angeles' warmer climate; shooting in Wales had necessitated Barrowman be fit in much warmer clothing.

The new coat is custom made by Italian designers, and is actually cashmere-blend wool where the previous one had been cotton. Trpcic says that she "just wanted to modernise it, give it a more modern fit, but leave the drape and keep it cape-like".

Trpcic felt prepared for the job of redesigning the coat because of her prior work on Firefly , tailoring for Nathan Fillion 's Captain Malcolm Reynolds : "I'm kind of used to iconic captain's coats and the importance of staying loyal to what the fans expect and to what we need".

Journalist Maureen Ryan commented that the new coat is "greatly improved" and the redesign "gives the coat the kind of movement and swagger Jack brings with him on every adventure".

The character is described as both "lethally charming Lynnette Porter comments on Jack's relation to scholar Lord Raglan 's theses on 'the hero' in fiction.

Because Jack is immortal and always comes back from the dead, Porter argues that Jack cannot literally fulfil the "physical death aspect" of Raglan's criteria for a hero.

However, Jack instead has several symbolic deaths. For instance, in the last scene of Children of Earth. Porter observes that camera angles emphasise Jack's profile as solitary man atop a hill in Cardiff, departing.

This scene of "going away for good" against the backdrop of the city he has long protected, hints at the death of the Captain Jack persona; in Porter's words, "the immortal captain "dies" at the top of a hill in Wales at the conclusion of the " epic " miniseries", "epic" traditionally being the genre of heroism.

Most importantly, his sexuality is one single aspect of a much more complex, flawed character. Todd Davis examines the ways in which Jack conforms to the Byronic hero character trope.

Physically, he identifies Jack as dark-haired and strikingly handsome, with masculine physique; he is intelligent and aware of it, to the point of a superiority complex ; he demands unquestioning loyalty, has guilty secrets in his past, and is self-sacrificing.

As a show, Torchwood is highly intertextual. The consequence of this is that many sides of Jack are shown across various media.

One commentator feels that this emphasises Jack's pivotal place in the development and change of modern science fiction heroes.

In several instances in Torchwood , Jack displays no qualms about killing a person of any species, [] [] [] which within Doctor Who , allows Jack's character to act in ways the lead character cannot.

Barrowman remarks, "He'll do things the Doctor won't do Jack will kill. And the Doctor, in a way, knows that, so he lets Jack do it.

I'd say Jack's the companion-hero. Davies chose to have Ianto die so that Jack would be damaged enough to sacrifice his grandson in order to destroy the same aliens.

When reuniting with the Doctor in the series of Doctor Who , he is told "don't you dare" when pointing a gun, [15] and scolded when contemplating snapping the Master's neck.

Through Jack, whose perspective is widened by his experiences in other planets and times, the organisation was able to grow less jingoistic.

Because Jack explores the "complexity of negotiating differing worldviews, cultural values, beliefs, and moral codes" through a framework established by the Doctor, to "value life, support democratic principles and egalitarianism, and protect those who cannot protect themselves", consequently "The world of Torchwood is depicted, not as the dichotomous " us " or United States and " other " of Jack Bauer 's 24 , but as the omnipolitical, omnisexual, omnicultural world of Jack Harkness.

Barrowman was concerned that the storyline could have made the character unpopular. He believes however that Jack was given the tough decision on how to save humanity; the actor says "when I read all of the stuff he had to do, I had to look at it from the point of view of 'I'm Jack Harkness and I'm right'.

Such, Porter argues, is the mark of a grey hero. Russell T Davies referred to a scene in "Last of the Time Lords" as promoting a theory that Jack may one day become recurring character "the Face of Boe" a large, mysterious disembodied head in a glass case as a consequence of his immortality and slow aging.

Barrowman described himself and David Tennant as being "so excited" to the extent where they "jumped up screaming" when they read Jack's line regarding the Face of Boe, remarking "It was probably the most excitable moment we had during the shooting of that series.

However, special effects designer Neil Gorton loved the idea and pushed to make sure the character lived. Davies loved Gorton's design and to his surprise, the character was written into future episodes and became pivotal in the third series.

Barrowman states that when fans ask him if Jack is really the Face of Boe, he tells them he believes he is and states that he and Davies hold it to be true "in [their] little world"; the link is "unconfirmed" within the text of the show.

As to how Jack becomes the Face, Barrowman feels the answer doesn't matter as it is intentionally mysterious. Barrowman likes the characters being connected because it means in spite of how the Doctor initially treats Jack, "Boe becomes his confidante and the one the Doctor returns to for advice and information" which he feels is a "wonderful twist of events".

He has refused the publication of spin-off novels and comic books that have tried to definitively link the two. In relationship to Miracle Day , where Jack becomes mortal, critics approached Barrowman and Davies about the implications of such a move for Jack's potential future as the Face of Boe.

Barrowman stated that the open-ended rules of the science fiction genre meant that Jack could still become the Face of Boe even after Miracle Day.

He might do, but he'd let Ianto know that he [Jack] has to play around on the side". In the same novel, however, he also refers to himself in front of Jack as his " boyfriend ".

Not to me. While some fans felt "cheated" at not seeing the relationship develop further, Davies explains his intention was to heighten the tragedy by it also being a loss of potential, stating "You grieve over everything they could have been.

Everything you hoped for them. At least for a time, a grieving Jack loses his focus and gives up; within a few months, Jack flees Earth and his role as the expected hero.

Fans of Ianto, who felt cheated by the character's death, disliked this development. Ianto makes a post-death appearance in audio drama "The House of the Dead".

Encountering Ianto's spirit at a haunted location in Wales, Jack and Ianto are permitted a final goodbye. Without Ianto in his life, Jack wishes to be swept up into the Cardiff spacetime rift as it closes in an attempt at suicide.

Ianto tricks Jack into leaving the House of the Dead, however, despite the possibility of resurrection. As they are forced to part forever by the closing of the rift, the couple declare their love for one another for the first and last time.

Barrowman states in a behind-the-scenes featurette that Gwen brings a "little bit of soul" back to Jack, following her recruitment.

Gwen hopes that she is reason enough for Jack to stay on Earth, but Jack is ready to give up any hero worship because he feels unworthy.

A press release for Torchwood Series Four states that Jack is brought back to Earth because of his "unstated love" for Gwen, [] who in turn still feels for Jack and misses the exciting life she once led beside him.

Of course they do. Writer Jane Espenson explains that the two characters have different needs and that this means they inevitably "clash like steel blades".

Discussing whether his character could ever find "The One", John Barrowman asserts that Jack "likes everybody, and his love for each person is different".

Barrowman believes that Jack does harbour romantic feelings toward the Doctor, but "would never take that beyond infatuation" and "would never let the Doctor know".

Barrowman claims that Jack also " fancies " fellow companion Martha Jones, admiring her "tenacity" and willingness to "spat with him", and describes Jack's love for Toshiko and Owen as "fatherly", stating "He was guiding them.

That's why it was so devastating for him to lose them. Head writer Chris Chibnall introduced John to act as a "proper nemesis, somebody to really test [Jack], to push him, and to reveal something about Jack's character".

In the use of Captain John as a literary foil , Chibnall comments "you see the way Jack could have gone, and probably did, for a little while" which underlines how "Jack, in his experiences with the Doctor and Torchwood, made a very conscious decision to move away from that behaviour.

Noting Torchwood' s central gay themes, they comment that "it is through the character of Captain Jack that Torchwood is able to mine its queerness.

Describing the patterns of his relationships throughout the series, Davis and Needham draw the conclusion that "while Captain Jack desires both men and women, his long-term love affairs and onscreen kisses are mostly with men in the past and present.

Following the character's initial introduction in the revived series 1 of Doctor Who , the character became incredibly popular with fans, [6] [] [] to the extent that Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner created a spin-off series, Torchwood , primarily centred around the character.

Captain Jack has gone on to become a recognisable figure in the British public consciousness, and has attracted some parody.

These parodies frequently echo criticisms both of the character and of Barrowman's portrayal. The character of Jack Harkness has been parodied several times on the satirical impressionist television show Dead Ringers.

Played by Jon Culshaw , the show pokes fun at his bisexuality and apparent campness , as well his melodramatic personality in Torchwood. In one sketch, he walks bizarrely towards the camera, kissing a policeman as he passes him.

This parody described Captain Jack as "the insomniac bicon; snug as a hobbit, pretty as a choirboy, immortal as carbon dioxide, wooden as a horse.

Unlike Tennant, as an actor he is just not good enough. You can't tell what he's thinking just by looking at his face The character's recognisability extends outside the UK.

In a Halloween episode of the series of American drama Knight Rider , character Billy Morgan Paul Campbell dresses up as Captain Jack, whom he refers to as "the time-travelling bisexual".

For example, comic book writer Peter David reflects that in writing Marvel Comics character Shatterstar , he "to some degree I do watch a lot of television science fiction, and it is a particularly sexless world.

With a lot of the material from America, I think gay, lesbian and bisexual characters are massively underrepresented, especially in science fiction, and I'm just not prepared to put up with that.

It's a very macho, testosterone-driven genre on the whole, very much written by straight men. I think Torchwood possibly has television's first bisexual male hero, with a very fluid sexuality for the rest of the cast as well.

Capten Jack Sommerhaus der Stars

Goldene Schallplatte. Little Boy The Mission. Vengaboys: Das machen Kim Sasabone und Co. Mit nur 40 Jahren erleidet Franky Gee einen folgenschweren Schlaganfall. Captain Jack Change Captain Jack feat. Erstveröffentlichung: Januar Notch Apple Ötzi vs. Erstveröffentlichung: Oktober Queen Quersummen Traxx feat. The Age. The design has been described as "an iconic piece of sci-fi culture". Barrowman states in a behind-the-scenes Snapszer Online that Gwen brings a "little bit of soul" back to Jack, following her recruitment. In contrast to The Doctor, Jack is Katz Und Maus Online Spielen of a conventional action heroas well as outwardly flirtatious and capable of acts which The Doctor would view as less than noble. German Eurodance group. Capten Jack Das zehnjährige Bühnenjubiläum darf der Frontmann von Captain Jack noch miterleben, doch stirbt der Künstler auf Cash Game Heimatinsel Mallorca an einer Hirnblutung. Bilder Slot Machine 2 Kostenlos Spielen Druck starten Abbrechen. Laura Laura Pozo Martin — CH 12 8 Wo. DE 1 Wo. Captain Jack Change Captain Jack feat. Wart ihr in den 90ern auch begeisterte Eurodance-Fans? DE 27 9 Wo. CH 22 11 Wo. Erstveröffentlichung: April

Capten Jack Video

Dual Universe LIVE - Establishing My Empire \u0026 Building A Base! Deutschland BVMI. Die Kinder — Free Sizzling Hot hatte fünf Jobs. DE 87 1 Wo. Jasmin Wagner: Das macht Popsternchen "Blümchen" heute! Marusha: Was macht die Techno-Ikone der 90er heute? Inzwischen ersetzen mit Frontmann Bruce Lacy seit Wo Kann Man Alles Mit Paypal Bezahlen der mittlerweile sechsten Sängerin Michelle Stanley seit zwei hochkarätige Talente ihre zahlreichen Vorgänger. CH 62 11 Wo. Sieh dir die Kontaktdaten und Details von Captain Jack (Official) an. CAPTAIN JACK IS BACK Dance | Pop | 90's | Eurodance | Party Captain Jack, one of the most wellknown pop & dance acts worldwide, was created in the 90 ́s. Captain Jack ist einer der bekanntesten Popacts der 90er und wurde von dem Wiesbadener Musikproduzenten Udo Niebergall ins Leben gerufen. Die rote. Seine bekanntesten Hits waren unter anderem Soldier, Soldier und Captain Jack​, Drill Instructor und viele mehr. Seine Musik hatte einen eingängigen Dance-. Der als Captain Jack Mitte der 90er-Jahre bekannt gewordene Sänger Franky Gee ist am Oktober im Alter von 43 Jahren an den Folgen einer Hirnblutung.

Capten Jack Zubereitung

AT 13 9 Wo. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. AT 6 12 Wo. Doch dann passiert ein Wunder: Nach einem wochenlangen Krankenhausaufenthalt ist der Frontmann wieder vollständig genesen und feiert sein glorreiches Comeback. Franky Gee: Captain Jack ist tot. Captain Jack: Dance-Sensation der 90er. Jasmin Wagner: Das Sizzling Hot Admiral Game Popsternchen "Blümchen" heute! Eurogrand Casino Download Chip Jack The Mission. Goldene Schallplatte. Capten Jack

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